We are Prad and Kash, founders of Sail Cannabis, and we have over ten billion data points on cannabis prescription and consumption on our online platform. Ask us anything!

Feb 7, 2018

We run a cannabis peer-to-peer platform located in Toronto. Our startup has exploded in just two years, effectively bridging the gap between patients, physicians, and producers! We are experts in the field of medicinal cannabis, ask us anything related to cannabis!

Let's talk about how the medical cannabis industry is growing and changing in North America. We can also talk about how cannabis has changed the landscape of pain management, as well as the health benefits of THC, and CBD. 

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Simplifying Cannabis for Healthcare Professionals

Sail offers two platforms for the differing needs of healthcare professionals within the cannabis industry. For doctors who consider themselves experts on the subject of cannabis for healthcare professionals, or are completely new to the topic, Sail has you covered.

SailMD is geared towards primary care doctors who have limited, or zero cannabis knowledge but are interested in prescribing medicinal cannabis. It’s a great starting point for professionals who are new, or not particularly well-versed within the medicinal cannabis world, and might need additional knowledge or resources to properly prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients.

SailMD is a guided cannabis assessment tool to help physicians new to cannabis prescribe to their patients. We offer tools and resources, rooted in clinical trials and research, to help doctors accurately prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients.

SailCMR, on the other hand, is a great tool for doctors and nurse practitioners who have experience prescribing cannabis to patients and would like a patient management tool that is catered to the medical cannabis space. SailCMR is a cloud-based application that can help store patient records, provide access to an e-prescription module for cannabis prescription simplifying the prescription creation and transmission process, and connect you with health Canada Licensed Producers.

Our EMR, in particular, comes without useless additives that other EMRs tend to supply, focusing on specific tools that are useful to healthcare practitioners that are focused on prescribing medical cannabis as their primary practice. Specialty cannabis clinics can also use the SailCMR to help maintain records, with nurses being able to use the system to maintain patient records and keep an up to date database of patient activity.

SailCannabis says:

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Are you only able to cater to areas where marijuana is legal? Or can you find ways to get cannabis for clients who need it for medication even if it’s illegal in their city?

Feb 9, 5:56AM EST0

How are you able to determine whether a client or member of yours is trying to obtain marijuana prescription legally or illegally?

Feb 9, 3:38AM EST0

Is a business like yours monitored by the government? Is it truly allowable to get marijuana prescription without going to a doctor’s clinic?

Feb 8, 4:46AM EST0

Are you currently covering only Canada and America? Do you have plans to expand your business to overseas and other Cannabis markets in the world?

Feb 6, 2:57PM EST0

Right now we cover medical cannabis in Canada and the USA, but we aim to support patients globally with guidance, education, and patient tools. The sky is the limit.

Feb 7, 11:33AM EST0

Did you develop the software yourself? What project have you worked on before this?

Feb 6, 2:55PM EST0

We both have come from the healthcare industry, we tried many ways of developing our software, but developing in-house with talented developers is the best way to show the quality of our products.

Feb 7, 11:33AM EST0

Talking about cannabis testing, how is the current market doing right now and why is testing so important?

Feb 6, 12:25PM EST0

Lab tested cannabis is essential to a patient’s journey with cannabis. Regulations vary from state-to-state but a world where every patient is consuming lab tested cannabis is a world we want to live in.

Feb 7, 11:42AM EST1

If a marijuana grower has got his product tested, could the final marijuana product be subject to any additional testing by physicians?

Feb 6, 11:17AM EST0

What are SailMD assessment tools? And how long did it take you to come up with cloud-based application/tools/solutions?

Feb 6, 9:31AM EST0

Are there any particular requirements or standards for the purity of Marijuana in the states that it is considered legal?

Feb 6, 8:02AM EST0

The specifics regarding lab tested cannabis vary from state-to-state, and some states have more extensive regulations. Lab results should have details on a strain’s cannabinoid and terpenoid profile, which is information that is essential to a patient’s cannabis journey. Certain profiles tailor better to a patient’s needs, and the data points we collect from patients are essential in guiding both patients and professionals regarding the prescription and consumption of medical cannabis.

Feb 7, 11:39AM EST0

In any type of business, especially in medical marijuana, experience is the key. How well do you understand the market now? Do you still feel there is a lot more to learn?

Feb 6, 1:26AM EST0

Of course there is a lot more to learn; research is sparse, the legalized medical markets are still in their infancy. We are only beginning to learn the whole story as it evolves over decades. What we do have to guide doctors and patients are the data points on how physicians are prescribing cannabis and we can use that to help guide our decisions in the future.

The market is constantly changing and growing very quickly. We are experts in the medical field, and we are constantly learning how to better serve patients and doctors. Regarding cannabis as a medicine, it is still relatively new to many doctors, and it’s going to take time for more doctors across the globe embrace cannabis as a medicine, and normalize it within the industry.

Feb 7, 11:34AM EST0

Is there any standard procedure of selecting medical marijuana suppliers for "Sail Cannabis"? What are the requirements?

Feb 6, 1:15AM EST0

Your website has information on the clinics across Canada and the United States. What is the eligibility criteria for selecting Cannabis clinic? What type of services do they have in general?

Feb 5, 2:01PM EST0

When someone starts a business, there is always lots of red tapes and paperwork to deal with especially in the Cannabis industry. How was it for you when you decided to set up your business? How long did the process take?

Feb 5, 11:11AM EST0

How can one apply to be a medical marijuana processor? What is the process for approval? How long should it take?

Feb 5, 6:40AM EST0

Are there any side effects of using medical cannabis? How does it impact someone's daily routine?

Feb 5, 4:09AM EST0

What can you tell about clones and personal cultivation? Are there possible training courses for cannabis botany in the United States?

Feb 4, 6:51PM EST0

We can’t speak to the cultivation side of cannabis, but we are focused on evidence based research to help educate patients and professionals on the portal. Home cultivation laws vary from state-to-state, and province-to-province, so we encourage you to head online and familiarize yourself with the laws in your area.

Feb 7, 11:38AM EST0

How did the idea come around, were you working with cannabis before that?

Feb 4, 6:52AM EST0

We have a lot of experience in the healthcare industry, but it all began with the creation of a CMR called “My Virtual Clinic.”

I also worked alongside the Lift brand, licensing the brand to create the Lift Resource Centre, which is a chain of clinics in Canada. During this time I found two key team members in Keran and Herman, who followed me into this current business. We realized many gaps  for the clinics in terms of executing their daily tasks, and MVC came out to address those gaps. Some inspiration also came from an episode of Dragon’s Den but that’s another story.

Feb 7, 11:37AM EST0

What's the future prediction for Medical Marijuana and its applications like? With so many benefits, do you think there is more opportunities and growth in this field in the future?

Feb 3, 10:39AM EST0

Yes the field is constantly growing as doctors are beginning to embrace cannabis as a normalized medicine within the industry. More research needs to be done in regards to the medical benefits of cannabis, as it is still a contentious topic among many doctors. A doctor’s hesitance to prescribe cannabis can be contributed to a wide array of factors, but cannabis is still new on the medical scene, and I’m confident the industry is still in its infancy and will grow tremendously.

Feb 7, 11:37AM EST0

SailMD offers a great opportunity to the professionals who are new to the field of medicinal cannabis, for that where do they get trained or is there a course of learning that they have to undergo?Please explain the process.

Feb 3, 10:04AM EST0

Our SailMD platform actually offers tools for practitioners that provide point-of-care education. So for health professionals who are new to cannabis, they can use our tools to better recommend products to patients, tracking their journey, and helping them make educated decisions regarding their patient’s use of cannabis. Additionally, we offer evidence based and clinically validated resources to professionals.

We also offer an assessment tool for professionals which aids practitioners in making the decision as to whether or not cannabis is right for each patient. We offer continuing education through our portal, and practitioners are encouraged to obtain CME credits.

Feb 7, 11:36AM EST0

How did you gather the data for your online portal? Was there a lot of research work done before the final software production?

Feb 3, 8:09AM EST0

We’ve aimed to create an “MVP,” a Minimum Viable Product with Sail. Our learning curve comes from our audience, and we’ve always tackled things by creating something something small, and seeing how it works. We gather real time data from patients and professionals, and address the needs of these two audiences. Our tools are constantly changing and evolving.

Feb 7, 11:35AM EST0
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