Lil Pali

this shit ain’t for everybody . .


this shit ain’t for everybody . .

Lil Pali is an upcoming artist..check him out && you will NOT be disappointed. PALi~PALESTiNiAN 🇵🇸 He was born over seas, and came to the states at a young age. At a young age he was infatuated by the meanings behind all the metaphors, the rhythms & just simply the sound of music, fell in love with it. Lil Pali started rapping when he was a freshman in high school, as a hobby at first, but as time went by he'd fall deeper and deeper into his music. As a little more time went by he got unbelievably better, and the fans, whoever listened to the music, realized it more than he did and kept pushing him to make new music. And just like the fans believe in him, he believes in them and truly believes in his self. Lil Pali WILL make it to the top! Music is ALL


Making Music. Producing. Performing Shows.
  • 9 years

  • High School Diploma