My name is Trevor and I have been working in the legal cannabis industry for 5+ years! Ask me anything!

Trevor Hosterman
Feb 12, 2018

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by!  

I have been part of the Colorado's regulated cannabis industry since 2012 - back when CO was only a Medical Marijuana state. Since then I have been done everything from cultivating to operational management of a large scale cannabis cultivation facility in Denver, Colorado.  

I would love the opportunity to answer your questions surrounding Cannabis, cultivation operations, compliance, rules and regulations and everything else that might pop up! 

Thank you and I look forward to reading your questions! 

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Which one's better - smoking marijuana or getting cannabis in another form such as creams, ointments, etc.?

Feb 14, 5:48AM EST0

Do you smoke marijuana too? If so, what's your reason behind smoking or needing marijuana?

Feb 14, 1:30AM EST0

What was one of the biggest challenges working in the marijuana industry?

Feb 13, 7:08AM EST0

I moved to Denver after recreational cannabis was approved. The people I talk to who are natives of Denver say Denver has changed a lot, and not for the better. Do you think cannabis has anything to do with the way it's changing? 

Feb 12, 4:01PM EST0

Why do you think in many countries, are cigarettes and alcohol legal while cannabis is not?

Feb 12, 10:07AM EST0

If you were President of United States, what would be the first thing you'd do in the field of Marijuana?

Feb 12, 4:39AM EST0

id legalize it across the board then tax do the same with gambling as well id have a govenment run'tote' if you like and make money hand over fist....

Feb 13, 3:26AM EST0

What are your thoughts about recreational marijuana smokers who try getting their cannabis fix illegally?

Feb 9, 3:17AM EST0

What’s your message to governments of cities that are not open to legalizing marijuana?

Feb 8, 8:09PM EST0

What are the major factors, as seen by you, made Colorado as the forerunner in cannabis cultivation?

Feb 6, 3:05PM EST0

What is the best way to prevent/control pest invasion in the cannabis cultivation farm?

Feb 6, 3:03PM EST0

Why do you think Colorado could achieve a special position when it comes to Medical Marijuana?

Feb 6, 11:30AM EST0

What are the regulations in Colorado that make the cannabis industry more successful?

Feb 6, 9:10AM EST0

Which are the places/states, as per your experience, are the best regions to cultivate cannabis on a large scale?

Feb 6, 8:45AM EST0

What are your future plans for legal cannabis industry?

Feb 6, 8:08AM EST0

Do you think there is still a stigma in the country about the legal use of cannabis?

Feb 6, 1:20AM EST0

Do you think climatic conditions have a major role to play when it comes to cannabis cultivation?

Feb 5, 6:42AM EST0

How do you think the physicians will welcome cannabis for medicinal use?

Feb 5, 4:12AM EST0

What are your tips to manage a large-scale cannabis cultivation facility?

Feb 4, 6:52PM EST0

What kind of regulations would you like to see in the national and international levels in cannabis?

Feb 3, 5:44AM EST0

Were you a part of any Cannabis regulatory body? If so, what role did you play?

Feb 3, 5:43AM EST0
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