I'm a certified cannabis industry professional & founder of HypeChronic, a digital agency for the industry. Ask me anything.

Augie Sanchez
Jan 26, 2018

My name is Augie Sanchez.  I am a cannabis evangelist, serial entrepreneur, lover of music / DJ, and adventurer.

I wholeheartedly believe that cannabis can be used to aid people (and sometimes pets) live richer, comfortable, & healthier lives.  My work has spanned several dispensary operations, big and small.  There aren't many better industries to be in and I've never been happier doing what I do.

Ask me anything!

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From what you know, how many cannabis evangelists are there in existence? Do you think the world needs more of them?

Jan 30, 11:22AM EST0

What qualifies a person to be a cannabis evangelist? Can anyone claim this title?

Jan 30, 10:02AM EST0

As an evangelist, how will you guide someone to get a certification in the cannabis industry? Where can one get the training and accreditation?

Jan 30, 8:44AM EST0

How long does it take for one to be a certified cannabis industry professional like you? What courses should one take and for how long?

Jan 29, 10:03PM EST0

Have you used marijuana for medicine, for recreation, or both? If yes, what is its most significant effect on you?

Jan 28, 12:25AM EST0

What is HypeChronic? What is the business about? What is its main objective?

Jan 27, 11:00AM EST0

How can HyperChronic revolutionize the digital market for cannabis?

Jan 27, 3:04AM EST0

How much does an average person consume per week of cannabis? What do you say is the ideal dosage to get the optimum benefit?

Jan 26, 9:14PM EST0

Who and how big is the team behind HypeChronic? What are their expertise?

Jan 26, 2:45PM EST0

We are a small team who have been involved in both non-profit and retail digital and print marketing for over 20 years.

Jan 26, 4:50PM EST0
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In your opinion, what current events will catalyze the global market for cannabis?

Jan 26, 11:58AM EST0

Medical studies that focus on THC and specific strains, I believe, will legitimize all forms of cannabis as medicine.  This will cause a flood of business to leave the pharmacutical industry.

I also believe that when the tide turns on opioid abuse and when the stygma finally dies down,  cannabis will see a spike in sales that will never come down.

Jan 26, 4:45PM EST0

How many clients have you served since you started the operation? How is the demand for your services?

Jan 26, 3:52AM EST0

We are just preparing to open our doors so our clients aren't numerous yet.  I believe that building a book of knowledge is important to marketing effectively and that is what we are spending our time on currently.

Jan 26, 4:41PM EST0

What led you to explore this industry? What influenced you?

Jan 25, 11:48PM EST0

I spent 15+ years in non-profit administration, helping individuals in many capacities do more with less.  When I became employed with AFSCME 3299, I saw the ugliness and lack of ethics of their internal politics and became literally sick.  It pushed my boundaries and made me take a hard look at what was driving my career.

I had to make a healthy change and do something that I loved whole heartedly.  I had been exploring cannabis as an option, receiving my first recommendation to medicate on the day I was layed off from the union headquarters!  That would strike me onto my path towards cannabis.

My use began recreationally over a decade previous.  I had approved of the idea of use early as a child.  I could understand that cannabis is just a plant with amazing benefits.  Prohibition still makes no sense to me and I feel stronger today about it more than I ever have.

My life experiences influence me.  I can point to any part of life and impart influence to my career in cannabis now.

Jan 26, 4:40PM EST0

From what you know, how many existing cannabis industry operating online is currently in existence. How do you project is its growth in the next 3-5 years?

Jan 25, 1:11PM EST0

Any number I give will only be for California, and it is too early in recreational legalization to get a good picture of the growth currently.   With just delivery dispensaries in the bay area noted, I have seen explosive growth throughout.  In just the last three years there has been and expansion by 5X!  I counted in Oakland alone 300+ delivery operations at one point.

I project that growth in number of retail and delivery cannabusinesses to slow after 2018.  We will also see many brands rise and faulter over the next three years.  The players in the market that can stay alive past three years will dominated and OWN the market.

Jan 26, 4:28PM EST0

Based on your observation, who uses marijuana the most, in terms of gender and age? Who is the target market in this industry?

Jan 25, 9:42AM EST0

I come in contact with men who use it more often.  However, women tend to use more discretion in use.  Use trends towards a 45+ age group imbibing more than other groups.  With our faulty HMO system, it is no wonder that people look elsewhere for ways to cope with their illness.

This is not to say that a younger market doesn't exist. But the older generation is who is fuelling the green rush.

Jan 26, 4:20PM EST0

Who coined the word cannabis evangelist? What does the term signify?

Jan 25, 6:33AM EST0

Sad to say, I couldn't tell you the answer.  I use the word evangelist to help describe my connection to the plant and industry.  I believe so greatly in the health benefits and the quality products offered that I am evagelize daily about them.

Jan 26, 4:15PM EST0

How long have you been in the cannabis industry?

Jan 25, 2:18AM EST0

I've been actively working in the industry for about 3 years officially.

Jan 26, 4:16PM EST0

Do you believe that cannabis is a lucrative business to be in now and in the next 5 years? What do you project is its growth?

Jan 24, 11:54PM EST0

Cannabis can be a very lucrative business.  However there are many pitfalls beyond just the federal goverment.  Statistics show that the younger generation is not imbibing in cannabis like the previous one.  The older one is driving this green rush and it's growth into lots of interesting product ventures.

I'm located in California where our projected sales will nearly equal that of all other states combined at 6.6 billion!  I think the best opportunities are for b2b sales to cannabis businesses.  Innovations in packaging, processing, marketing, software are posess excellent opportunities for new, prosperous businesses.

Jan 26, 4:13PM EST0

How can cannabis be used for pets? Please share an example.

Jan 24, 8:40PM EST0

Hi Mich.  I jumped the gun with Jevie's post below.  However, I will say this.

You should always consult a veteranarian before using cannabis with your pets.  We used Vet CBD(I am not affiliated) with our older tabby with amazing results.  As his cancer became terminal, we also would use vapor to help him be more physically comfortable.  He responded well and it made for much better quality of life until the end.

Jan 26, 4:06PM EST0

How has cannabis changed your life? Please share your personal experience.

Jan 24, 8:28PM EST0

I use cannabis everyday.  I suffer from Diabetes, pain management from a sports injury, digestive discomfort, and panic disorder.  My days would be miserable without using cannabis daily.

Most recently, I learned and experienced the power of CBD for use with pets.  My fiance had lovingly taken care of her 19 year old cat who this last winter became ill.  Because of his age he suffered from physical discomfort and would croon in the early hours when the house would become coldest.  CBD would aid him in sleeping through the night.

We would later find out he had a stomach tumor that was beyond operable.  Our home became kitty hospice and cannabis became his pain management method.  When he was better, he would come over and patiently sit waiting to be medicated.  As mobility became a problem he would get a treatment twice a day.  He was able to be made as comfortable as possible before he had to be put down.

I know this is not a happy story but it gave us peace to know we were helping him hurt less.

Jan 26, 4:01PM EST0

Are there any requirements, e.g. legal, that you ask from a client before you work with them on a project? If so, what are those?

Jan 24, 5:41PM EST0

Can you give a little more detail?  I can apply this to my business but I want to make sure I cover exactly what you are asking.

Jan 26, 3:52PM EST0
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