Fascinating things found in Cannabis.ASk me anYthing.

Nov 9, 2017

By the way you can call me John. Yes, I’m a Cannabis user for over a decade and got a lot of friends who’s in-love with it not to mention the people that I know professional or not, We have a lot of reasons for liking it because we all know what exactly the effect or should I say the benefits of this young,  green, leafy. But don’t get me wrong! this is not about being a pot-head! This is about exploring and understanding the benefits of Cannabis.

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Is it true that when you smoke Cannabis you get a lote of appetitte?

Nov 14, 5:24PM EST0

Are you ever expecting cannabis to be legalised in every country having known that it is detrimental to people's health?

Nov 10, 6:44AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 6:05AM EST0

John, do you have any legality issues in your location?

Nov 9, 9:05PM EST0

Can smoking cause lung cancer

Nov 9, 5:26PM EST0

Is medical cannabis appropriate for my condition?

Nov 9, 9:12AM EST0

Is it true though?

Nov 9, 4:34AM EST0

What is marijuana?

Nov 8, 6:42PM EST0

Can I expect to continue functioning in my daily life normally?

Nov 8, 11:54AM EST0

What are my treatment options?

Nov 8, 11:48AM EST0

What is the history of marijuana use as a medicine?

Nov 8, 11:13AM EST0

If my symptoms worsen, what should I do on my own?

Nov 8, 11:09AM EST0

What is the likely course of this condition?

Nov 8, 3:25AM EST0

How should I consume medical marijuana?

Nov 8, 12:25AM EST0

Are there any health risks associated with medicinal marijuana?

Nov 7, 8:34PM EST0

What are the benefits versus risks of each treatment option?

Nov 7, 3:39PM EST0

Is there a difference between marijuana & cannabis?

Nov 7, 3:15PM EST0

How effective is each treatment option?

Nov 7, 11:35AM EST0

How do I stay safe while using medical cannabis?

Nov 7, 11:24AM EST0

Will medical cannabis interfere with my other medications?

Nov 7, 8:31AM EST0
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