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Feb 12, 2018

HempStaff is the industry leader in medical marijuana recruiting and dispensary training. We are your marijuana industry headhunters, as we specialize in finding management level employees, such as Master Growers, Extractors or Dispensary Managers, even if we have to relocate them from a different state. We are also there for the inexperienced candidate, with dispensary agent training and certification, that can help them find medical marijuana jobs. 

This AMA will answer any questions you may have about working the cannabis industry, from training suggestions to salaries, to the best states to work in, to what type of jobs exist in this industry! 

James, the CEO of HempStaff, will personally be answering questions submitted.


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Would HempStaff eventually move into other products besides marijuana if more drugs are legalized?

Feb 13, 5:03PM EST0

Does the cannabis industry helps increasing the overall drug addiction percentage?

Feb 13, 2:23PM EST0

What other drug do you think should be legalized beside marihuana?

Feb 13, 1:42PM EST0

Why is it so important to legalize cannabis?

Feb 13, 12:28PM EST0

What do your relatives think about your participation in this industry? Do they support you?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST0

What sets your company apart from your competitors?

Feb 12, 6:32PM EST0

How many interviews do you usually conduct for one position?

Feb 12, 3:54PM EST0

If you are asking how many interviews a candidate must go through, it usually 3-4 interviews before they are hired.  If you are asking how many people we interview for a position, we try to find at least 5 qualified candidates for each opening, so we interview as many as it takes to find those 5 qualified candidates, the more skilled the position the more people when end up interviewing.

Feb 12, 3:56PM EST0

Where is HemStaff currently located? Which according is a better place between Colorado and California to get a job in cannabis cultivation?

Feb 8, 2:49PM EST0

HempStaff is a nationally company.  I would certainly say California over Colorado.  Colorado is a saturated market and currently over 50% of those with a worker’s badge do not working the cannabis industry.  California is just opening their recreational market which will create thousands of jobs state wide.  Just be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up!


Feb 12, 11:07AM EST0

Do you have tips for good startup ideas in cannabis business for 2018?

Feb 8, 9:57AM EST0

The best advise I can suggest is looking into what you are good and and love doing - then how that applies to the cannabis industry.  There is no point of starting a business doing something you do not like ...

Feb 12, 11:05AM EST0

What are your expansion plans for "Hempstaff" in future?

Feb 6, 9:11AM EST0

We plan to expand in the US as states legalize in the United States, for example Oklahoma is up for medical marijuana vote in June. We have also created a partnership with a Canadian Cannabis Recruiting Company as well.

Feb 12, 10:59AM EST0

Where are you located? and how's the response locally?

Feb 6, 8:43AM EST0

HempStaff is a nationally company. I am personally located in the Miami area, where our headquarters is. The response in Florida is mixed, while there are 70,000 patients, there are many many more not signing up for the program because there is limited product and specifically no smokable flower. There is currently a law suit stating the Amendment should allow flower, so we will see how that goes...

Feb 12, 10:58AM EST0

What's your advice for all those who are seeking jobs in Marijuana industry?

Feb 6, 1:21AM EST0

Our first piece of advice is to seek training, entry level cannabis jobs get hundreds of resumes, and owners will look for those with previous legal experience or training to call for interviews first. Plus, it will help you speak more intelligently at these interviews.Our second piece of advice is to attend cannabis networking events - you never know who you might meet at these events and what it might lead to down the road!

Feb 12, 10:56AM EST0

How do you connect the prospective clients with the prospective job seekers in the Marijuana industry? What's the process like?

Feb 5, 6:42AM EST0

We have several recruiters around the country.  Depending on the job requirements we get from the client our recruiters will reach out to their contacts, then if it's a Dispensary Job, they will reach out to our past trained students, for other jobs they will search our database of registered candidates.

You can become a registered candidate by registering for free on our website:  Make sure you put any specific skills in the Notes section or if you are willing to relocate and to where.  When our recruiters get a job opening that matches your location and skills they will reach out for a resume to review, and go from there.  

Feb 12, 10:54AM EST0

The cannabis industry is still on the edge with new developments, rules, and regulations which are under scrutiny from time to time. Do you think people still question the stability of the industry before seeking jobs in it?

Feb 5, 4:12AM EST0

Yes, that stigma was just starting to go away until Jeff Sessions entered the picture and recinded the Cole Memo.  We have seen a lot more people skeptical of getting a job in the cannabis industry since that has happened.  I personally think nothing will happen the medical marijuana industry - it's very difficult to take medicine away from people.  However, the recreational market is what we think Mr. Sessions may come after - but those states are ready with a court full of lawyers if that happens.

Feb 12, 10:52AM EST0

How long have you been operating your business? How many employees work for your company?

Feb 1, 9:11AM EST0

HempStaff was founed in April 2014, currently we have 13 employees including myself.

Feb 12, 10:47AM EST0

Who is eligible to receive an order for medical marijuana products?

Jan 31, 9:27AM EST0

Those who receive a recommendation from a doctor and/or a state medical marijuana card.  Each state differs on what qualifies you for a recommendation or card, so you would need to check with your specific state to see if you would qualify. 

Feb 12, 10:46AM EST0

What are the hours, and what will be the work expectations for a master grower?

Jan 31, 9:18AM EST0

The hours are usually 40-60 hours per week, depending on the size and how many other employees. The expectations are that you maximize the yield of the cannabis product, in the end it is the Master Growers job to make sure every plant produces as much as it is expected to and will pass testing.

Feb 12, 10:45AM EST0

Do you need a special license to run your business? What laws apply?

Jan 31, 7:51AM EST0

No special licenses or insurance is needed for cannabis recruiting that is not needed for other industry recruiting.  The same laws apply as other recruiting industries.  One difference is we currently do not offer Temp Work, our recruiting services are all Permanent Placement, and the candidates are hired and paid by the licensed cannabis companies, not HempStaff.

Feb 12, 10:43AM EST0

What is something your company has done that you are proud of?

Jan 30, 10:05PM EST0

We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are passionate about cannabis get into the cannabis industry. Nothing makes me and the HempStaff team prouder than when someone we trained, spoke with in person and we know their passion then contacts us extremely excited that they were just hired, either by us or by a company directly. This happens often, but still but a smile on our face every time, it is a good to feeling helping someone find a job that they will love doing.

Feb 12, 10:41AM EST0

What does the hiring process consist of and how long is the training course?

Jan 30, 1:31PM EST0

The hiring process depends on the positions.  Generally when we get a client in that needs an employee, we will contact possible candidates via email for an updated resume. We will then schedule a pre-screening call with our recruiter.  If you pass the pre-screening we send you resume to the client and set a phone interview if they wish to speak with you.  We then schedule in-person interviews and handle any salary negotations.  When an offer letter is given we run a federal background check on the candidate, and if everything checks out we offer the candidate the job with a specific start date for the client.Our training course is 4 hours long.  You can get detailed information by selecting a location on our website:

Feb 12, 10:38AM EST0
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