AMA about cannabis culture, mindfulness, and the pursuit of higher consciousness through better health.

Nicholas Demski
Feb 1, 2018

I'm an expert writer in the fields of health, wellness, and cannabis. The three are intertwined, and each plays its role in living a healthy life and being a good person.

AMA about one of the topics or all three! 

If you're in need of a writer for your website, e-book, or content creation, you may inquire about my services at

Topics to be covered:

  • Cannabis
  • Health and Fitness
  • Wellness

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Do you think Marijuana has done well for humans? What’s your take on weed as a creative catalyst?

Feb 5, 7:13AM EST0

Do you feel marijuana legalization is getting more popular? What according to you is the main the difference between legalization, and decriminalization?

Feb 5, 6:33AM EST0

What's next for you in the field of Marijuana? What do you want to write more about?

Feb 5, 4:35AM EST0

It has been shared by many marijuana smokers that they end up feeling very lazy and tired after smoking up. Do you think marijuana has a different effect on different people?

Feb 5, 3:20AM EST0

Did you learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis while attending college?

Jan 31, 4:32AM EST0

The medicinal benefits are still being substantiated through research. I'm learning about it as the research around it grows.

A lot has happened since I was in college, so I certainly wasn't as keenly aware as I am now. 

I expect there will be a lot of new information to learn in the next decade regarding cannabis research. 

Feb 1, 3:34AM EST0

What can you tell your daughter about your love affair with marijuana?

Jan 31, 4:23AM EST0

I tell everybody the same thing. 

  1. Cannabis has a wide range of medicinal purposes.
  2. It's far safer than alcohol as a recreational outlet.
  3. Cannabis consumption can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

How far into the details one would dive with that depends on the age of the child. 

Last edited @ Feb 1, 3:31AM EST.
Feb 1, 3:27AM EST0

How often do regular clients require your services?

Jan 30, 9:31PM EST0

A blog is a significant part of a building a brand around a business. Most frequently, I'll provide 3-4 articles each month to regular clients. Each article averages between 500-1500 words with pictures/graphs/etc. 

But I also offer e-books, website content, newsletters, and more. 

Jan 30, 10:27PM EST0

What was the very first work you gained from the website? How many job contracts do you get regularly?

Jan 30, 9:01PM EST0

Hard to say the first work the website brought to me. I don't yet ask any of my clients what their strongest motivator was for hiring me. They might hate my website but love my blog. Or hate my blog but love my bylines elsewhere. Or (most likely) they love it all.

I really don't know. I focus my research and rhetoric to my clients and provide on-time work, every time. I think that's what sells me.

Recently, I've been working with five clients and one magazine on a regular basis. Every month sees one-off work and additional freelance ghostwriting jobs, as well.

Jan 30, 10:23PM EST0

Do you only entertain clients whose business is revolving around cannabis, health, and wellness or are you also flexible to work for anyone?

Jan 30, 8:49PM EST0

I've written for a trucking company, a telecommunications company, and an adventure company in Hawaii. I have poetry in several major magazines, and my parenting blog was quoted in Reader's Digest. I write about a lot, but I market what I'm an expert in.

Jan 30, 10:16PM EST0

What’s the most common mistake you’ve seen people make entering this industry?

Jan 30, 11:21AM EST0

Most importantly, I think people should think intent over profit. 

All the topics I write about are multi-billion dollar industries. There's always money to be made.

I just hope that people get into these types of businesses to help people, not just to make money.

Jan 30, 10:09PM EST0

Why are you so much interested in writing about cannabis? What is your website?

Jan 29, 4:43AM EST0

My website is Higher Conscious Content, found here

There are two big reasons I'm passionate about writing about cannabis. (1) I believe in personal freedom to do with our bodies what we want and no one should be able to tell me ingesting a plant is against the law. (2) The hypocritical misinformation campaign lead against cannabis costs people their lives; cannabis is a far safer medicine that opioids (which kill people), and a far safer recreational drug than alcohol (which kills people). 

This is about personal freedom and public safety. 

Jan 29, 8:44PM EST0

Can we say you are living a laptop life? Is it lucrative enough for a father to support a family?

Jan 28, 1:58PM EST0

Yes, but not a 'laptop life' in the sense how many digital nomads do: bouncing from country to country and working on the go. I try to settle down for a while with extended visas since I have my daughter with me and I want her to spend significant time in different cultures.

The biggest benefit of the 'laptop life' I do live is the low cost-of-living and the life that comes with it. I'd say my cost-of-living in Asia is about a third of what it was in the United States. It's not so much about making a lot of money for me, it's about keeping my costs down and enjoying life.

Jan 28, 11:35PM EST0

Do you have any future plans for new places, considering that you want your daughter to meet different cultures?  

Feb 8, 1:13PM EST0

Since when did you start making a business out of writing?

Jan 28, 12:42AM EST0

I've always been a writer at heart, but I began freelancing and blogging almost 2 years ago. 

Within the past month, I've started building my first business. 

It's been a slog, but the mud is drying up. 

Jan 28, 11:29PM EST0

How do you intertwine cannabis, health, and wellness into your write-up? What will be your focus?

Jan 26, 9:07PM EST0

The possibilities for a focus when intertwining these three is only limited to the knowledge we have today. 

Example foci could include:

  • Cannabis recipes
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Combating illness
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Ensuring a good night's sleep

That's just a short list I quickly thought of off the top of my head. I don't want to use hyperbole but there are probably a million ways to connect cannabis, health, and wellness. 

I'm a full-time, single parent with a handful of injuries and health issues that cannabis helps with. It also keeps my stress level down, helps me sleep at night, and keeps me focused on building a better life for my daughter and myself.

However, I live in Hong Kong now where I don't have access to cannabis so it's been nearly a half-year since I've consumed it. I can tell my stress levels are heightened, I don't sleep as well as I'd like to, and when my chronic pain flares up I don't have anything to combat it that I like taking. (e.g. I'm not a fan of using pharmaceuticals)

Jan 26, 9:20PM EST0

Do you also do ghostwriting or do you just limit your services to what is offered on the site?

Jan 25, 9:51AM EST0

I'm also a ghostwriter. 

Some of my clients want established writers in the bylines of their work to promote authority and credibility to their websites.

Others want to write themselves, but don't have the time. So, they hire ghostwriters to write in their voice. 

Jan 25, 8:33PM EST0

What can you advise to individuals who also wanted to follow your lead?

Jan 25, 6:44AM EST0

I would say do what's right for you and don't worry about what anybody else is doing. Find your balance in life. Above all, lead a joyful, thoughtful existence.

Jan 25, 7:44AM EST0

Love it! thanks for sharing :)

Feb 2, 4:23PM EST1

How important is cannabis to the overall wellness of any humans?

Jan 24, 9:16PM EST0

That is subjective to the individual. Many people find mental, physical, and spiritual health in their lives without ever consuming cannabis. Some find it eases chronic pain and discomfort from a disease from which they suffer. Others will find it gives them spiritual enlightenment and a higher consciousness. Thoughtful consumption is key when considering to use cannabis in your life. 

Jan 24, 11:04PM EST0

Can we regain good health with the aide of medical cannabis? Or do we only benefit from cannabis if we have conditions such as seizure and the like?

Jan 24, 12:56PM EST0

This will depend on the individual. Certainly, cannabis, in particular, the CBD compound, has immense medicinal uses for seizures, but there is a wide range of symptoms that can be treated with cannabis. Unfortunately, research in the United States is highly limited due to its classification as a Schedule I drug. 

I find that using cannabis helps me focus when I need to learn something new or work at a high intensity. It also helps me reduce anxiety when I'm exercising and calm my mind during yoga and meditation. 

Again, cannabis' effects are subjective to the person consuming it and more research is needed to fully validate what is possible is the medicinal realm. 

Jan 24, 11:09PM EST0

Who built and designed the site for you?

Jan 24, 4:56AM EST0

I did. I used a theme in Wordpress called 'Mesmerize Pro.' This was my third–and by far my best–attempt at building a website. 

Jan 24, 11:11PM EST0

What topic about cannabis do you like to write about?

Jan 23, 8:28PM EST0

I have a particular friendship with cannabis travel across the world, cannabis law in the United States, and medicinal uses of cannabis (I'm a patient myself for several nasty injuries, anxiety, and chronic nightmares). 

Jan 23, 11:37PM EST0
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